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Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik

Nicht jede Neuaufnahme von Schuberts epochaler »Müllerin« muss sein, gerade im Lied ist der Hang zur Überproduktion gewaltig. Konstantin Krimmels beherzter Schritt ins Allerheiligste des Gesangs ist klug bedacht. Mit kleinen Varianten und raffiniert dosierten Freiheiten gibt er dem Allzubekannten einen persönlichen spin, wahrt aber, mit dem famosen Daniel Heide zur Seite, eine feine Balance. Und bei aller gestalterischen Intelligenz: Schon die schiere Klangschönheit von Krimmels Bariton ist reine Freude.

Deutsche Schallplattenkritik

Für die Jury: Holger Noltze

Newcomer of the Year


His voice is as pure as a mountain spring. It is strong, expressive, pithy, powerful, and that in opera as well as in song, in Mozart as well as in Schubert and Haas. The "Newcomer of the Year" has a brilliant career ahead of him.

It is no secret that Konstantin Krimmel is one of the greatest talents in the baritone field. And yet his reading of Schubert's "Schöner Müllerin" exceeds all expectations.




Amazing – here is a passionate Lied and concert singer, a hobby tenor who caught the theatre virus as a member of the choir in his home town of Ulm, then making it into the ensemble of the Bavarian State Opera before he was even 30. As a baritone! Konstantin Krimmel has so much fun with music and the telling of stories, he simply had to end up on stage. Here, he can charm us, he can revel or grumble or make merry like Papageno. His voice and musicality have won over critics and, even more so, audiences. Whether on award-winning recordings or in the opera house: Konstantin Krimmel is one of the most versatile and promising young German baritones on international stages.

accompanying statement of the OPER! AWARDS jury

Franz Liszt - Der du vom Himmel bist

“»Es war ein König von Thule«, »Freudvoll und leidvoll«, »Die Loreley«: Lied-Schlager sind das. Jedoch nicht in der Vertonung von Franz Liszt. Konstantin Krimmel, die wohl größte Nachwuchshoffnung im Bariton-Fach, wandelt auf seiner zweiten Solo-CD in dieser Randzone des Repertoires. Obwohl erst neunundzwanzig Jahre jung, überrascht er mit hohem Reflexionsniveau, in der Durchdringung der Texte wie auch durch die Balance im Ausdruck: Den somnambulen, jenseitswehen Ton der Lieder trifft Krimmel ohne Theatralität und mit musterhafter Clarté. Er und Pianist Daniel Heide werden zu Meistern der Nuancen und der delikaten Dramatik.“

Preis der deutschen Schallplatten Kritik, Markus Thiel

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"Konstantin Krimmel, already a lieder singer of distinction despite his youth, sings the apothecary Ned Keene with astonishing agility, knowing how to use a few seconds to draw his character's manipulative intelligence in an eraser-sharp manner."

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Jan Brachmann, 08.03.22

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"It was also in these songs that Krimmel was able to unfold the full versatility of his austere yet young, virile baritone voice. The changes of mood between the songs were rich in contrast, reflecting the turmoil of the protagonist, yet were by no means indiscriminate, but dramatically impressive in their use, bringing the Wanderer's narrative warmly and comprehensibly to life - with all his emotional emotions - from youthful exuberance to world-weariness driving him to despair."

Bachtrack, Alexandra Richter, 08.03.22

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„Konstantin Krimmel est, à 28 ans, un baryton absolument charmant. Son beau timbre boisé et sombre se conjugue avec une réelle agilité, surtout dans le médium et le registre aigu, ce qui lui permet de développer des phrasés admirables et d’un goût parfait, façon Kavalier-baryton viennois. L’apparition de la Reine des Elfes dans Tom der Reimer, avec le soutien scintillant du piano d’Ammiel Bushakevitz, est un moment de magie pure. Son pouvoir de coloration du timbre est réel, et il en fait un usage discret et efficace dans l’excellent Erlkönig de Loewe. Son élocution est excellente, et il porte les mots dans tout l’éclat de leur sens. Mais il peut aussi prendre du volume et de la noirceur, portant ainsi le Belsatzar et Die beiden Grenadieren à une dimension épique et tragique réellement impressionnante.


Konstantin Krimmel is, at 28, an absolutely charming baritone. His beautiful, dark, woody timbre is combined with real agility, especially in the middle and upper registers, allowing him to develop admirable and tasteful phrasing in the Viennese Kavalier-baritone style.The appearance of the Elf Queen in Tom der Reimer with the scintillating piano support of Ammiel Bushakevitz, is a moment of pure magic. His power to colour tone is real, and he uses it discreetly and effectively in Loewe's excellent Erlkönig . His elocution is excellent, and he carries the words in all their brilliance of meaning. But he can also take on volume and darkness, bringing the Belsatzar and Die beiden Grenadieren to a truly impressive epic and tragic dimension."

ResMusica - musique classique et danse, Matthieu Roc, 02.02.20

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„Sumamente concentrado, desde el primer momento atrapó a través de un refinado canto, una sutil gestualidad y una expresiva y perdida mirada a un público más silencioso, si cabe, de lo habitual en Vilabertran.“

„Pero lo más destacable es la proyección del instrumento en la media voz y los pianissimi, cualidad que le permite susurrar por momentos el texto con una claridad de exposición cristalina, apoyado en una dicción impecable y consiguiendo una rara potencia expresiva.“


"Highly concentrated, he captivated the audience with refined singing, subtle gestures and an expressive and rapt look, even more silent than usual in Vilabertran, from the first moment".

"But what is most remarkable is the effect of the voice in the mezza voce and the pianissimi, a quality that allows him to whisper the text at times with a crystalline clarity of delivery, supported by impeccable diction and with a rare expressive power."

Ópera actual, Antoni Colomer, 21.08.21

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Song recital as part of the Easter Festival in Hall in Tirol, Krone Zeitung Tirol, 23.06.21

"Konstantin Krimmel is only 28 years old, and already he is one of the greats in the Lied field. The maturity, differentiation and perfection of his technically simply brilliant singing left a deep impression. At the same time, his interpretative approach seems completely natural, each song seems to be experienced, its expressive content is grasped and explored - and last but not least, the lyrics are declaimed flawlessly and clearly".

"Always Ammiel Bushakevitz was a confident partner on the piano, following Krimmel in every subtle nuance."

Krone Zeitung Tirol, 23.06.21

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„le Jésus tout aussi superlatif de Konstantin Krimmel : son déchirant récitatif accompagné « Mein Vater », en triptyque, entre abandon et lumière intérieure, est l’un des sommets de ce disque. Faisant presque oublier le « Es ist vollbracht » de la Saint-Jean de Bach !“


"Konstantin Krimmel's Jesus, also outstanding: his heart-rending accompanied recitative "My Father", in triptych, between abandonment and inner light, is one of the highlights of this CD. One almost forgets the "Es ist vollbracht" from Bach's "Johannistag"!

LE FIGARO, 16.03.21

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BBC New Generation Artists

Konstantin Krimmel


So happy and honored to be part of this amazing project with such great musicians.

Thank you BBC Radio 3!

Song recital at the Bockenheimer Depot with Daniel Heide on 12.03.21

"Eloquent in expression, unprecedented in subtlety, heroically pithy equal to the appealing visuals, the young artist proved himself a master of empathy."

 "Thanks to the excellent diction and exceptional articulation of the still relatively young interpreter, it seemed to me a pure delight to listen to this excellent narrator, who made you understand every word he sang and even the English language of the following cycle."

onlinemerker, Gerhard Hoffmann, 13.03.21

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"And soprano Sandrine Piau (Daughter of Zion), tenor Stuart Jackson (as the Evangelist) and baritone Konstantin Krimmel as Jesus succeed in eliciting touching and comforting features from every lament, however harrowing and sympathetic."

RONDO - Guido Fischer, 13.03.2021

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„Barthold Heinrich Brockes wrote a libretto on the Passion of Christ – based on the account in Matthew’s Gospel – which was set to music by many composers of his time, including Reinhard Keiser, Georg Philip Telemann and George Frideric Handel. It is Handel’s version of the latter that the period-instrument ensemble Arcangelo has chosen to present here. Under the direction of Jonathan Cohen, these specialists in the Baroque repertory are joined by the voices of Sandrine Piau, whose numerous Handel recordings are regarded as a benchmark, the tenor Stuart Jackson and the baritone Konstantin Krimmel, recently revealed in a debut recital for Alpha (Saga, ALPHA549). Together they resurrect the operatic splendour of a work that was first performed in 1719 and is thought to have influenced numerous passages of J. S. Bach’s St John Passion, written a few years later.“

Outhere Music

"Another young baritone, Konstantin Krimmel, is the standout in a new recording of Handel's Brockes Passion on the Alpha Classics label. With a richness of nuance schooled in lieder singing, Krimmel gives the figure of Jesus a deeply feeling human face. Together with colleagues such as the exquisite tenor Stuart Jackson and the slender Arcangelo ensemble, he succeeds in bringing out the touching moments - and pushing the baroque swagger of the piece into the background."

NZZ, Marcus Stäbler, 25.03.21

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